Garden Illustrations – Week 1 Parsley Egg Cups

Spring is finally here and I’ve begun to plan the garden!

I am a complete amateur when it comes to growing plants of all kinds but over the last two years I have become increasingly obsessed with growing my own food. I am approaching my third garden with a little more organization in mind. My last two gardens grew wild and free…or messy and unorganized depending on your perspective. This year I will be dedicating more time to researching different techniques and  ways to plant a garden. I want to test things out and see what really works!

I bought myself a grow light bulb and placed it in a regular desk lamp so I can start planting my seeds inside. I decided to try starting my seeds in eggshells instead of peat pots. I saw the idea on pinterest and think they look really cute! The windowsill is the perfect width for an egg carton so I should have room for a few dozen plants!

Egg shell Preparation

Parsley illustration

  • To prepare the eggshells I carefully crack them near the top so I’m left with 3/4 of the shell intact.
  • I then boil my shells in a pot of water and scoop out the inner membrane with my fingers.
  • Using a spoon I filled them with soil and my seeds.

I cheated and planted some parsley cuttings from the fridge in two of my shells. I’m hoping the whole tray will look this cute in a few weeks!







To keep my blog art themed I will be doing a series of garden themed illustrations that will reflect the progress of my growing project week by week.

So far I have planted Spinach, marigolds, basil, lavender and Parsley. Next week I’m going to start some different veggies in an attempt to stagger my harvests.

I also painted this Spring Bunny this week! It is a 4″ by 5″ mixed media painting. He can be found in my Etsy shop.

Bunny Illustration