Birds Nest Acrylic Painting

I created this painting on the cusp of spring after what has felt like an unseasonably long and cold winter. I felt inspired by this particular view of a birds nest and spent hours working on a detailed drawing in my sketchbook before starting the final painting.

Birds Nest Painting

I wanted to paint this nest in a square format. Since I did not have a new canvas or board lying around I chose to re-purpose one of my old paintings. I took it off the wall and painted right over it with a couple of thick acrylic layers. After those first few layers I switched to using Golden Highflow Acrylics in thin layers to create a glazing effect. This painting was experimental for me as I have not worked with these paints like this in my previous work.

Before starting this painting I made a detailed drawing in my sketchbook. I find that sketching out my images before I start painting gives me a better understanding  of shape and form.

I’m also trying to fill my current sketchbook up so I can buy a new one!

Birds Nest Pencil Drawing

Overall I genuinely like this painting which is strange because I rarely feel that way about my own artwork. I felt really inspired by my nest drawing when I painted the nest and completed the painting in only a few days. I was totally “in the zone” for this one, which was nice because I haven’t felt that way about a painting in awhile. I love how at first the nest appears to be really messy but¬† if you look closely you can see how the bird wove those sticks together. I love the unorganized organization of the nest in this image.

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