Garden Illustrations – Weeks 2-3 Germination Test

After patiently waiting for ten days my seeds have begun to sprout and peek out of their egg shells. After 14 days everything has sprouted except for the spinach. I also planted five tomato seeds in peat pots and almost all of them have now sprouted as well. The window sill is now full of tiny little leaves!

Germination Test

Since I’m using last years spinach seeds I decided to run a germination test on the rest of the package of spinach and kale so I can see what sprouts. The test is simple.

  • You place your seeds on a damp paper towel in an orderly fashion so they are separated.
  • ¬†fold the paper towel in half to cover the seeds and store it in a labeled plastic bag.

All you have to do is check the seeds every three days and keep the towel damp. After about six days you should see some little green sprouts popping out of the seeds.

Most of my Kale sprouted so I planted them in eggshells.

Only 4 of my 10 spinach seeds sprouted so I will have to buy some more seeds.

I bought a little “greenhouse” peat pellet kit from a dollar store and planted some carrot seeds in it. I know you should direct sow carrots this time of year but last year some sort of bug or larva munched up a couple of packages of little sprouted carrot seeds. Hopefully by starting my seeds inside they will be stronger and have better bug defense! lol.

egg shell seeds

So far I am really happy with my eggshell pots. I have yet to break one or have it fall apart on me.

The germination test was really helpful, especially when using older seeds. I like seeing which seeds are growing and it makes planting more productive. I will be using this technique for most of my seeds this year!