Hoppy Easter – Bunny Art Update!

Over the past three months I have completed eight bunny themed drawings and paintings. It became an unintentional  series but I definitely completed the last few drawings with Easter in mind.

bunny rabbit art I grew up with the magic of the Easter Bunny so I have always considered Easter Sunday to be Bunny Day. I ate egg salad sandwiches and dedicated my Easter weekend to art and gardening (which I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with!)

bunny rabbit drawing

This year I am celebrating Bunny Day with a collection of my bunny art.

The small drawings are part of my daily drawing series which features small animals. I have currently completed 69 of these daily animal drawings. You can see the full collection HERE!

I have recently started to create larger animal drawings with multiple animals interacting.

bunny rabbit pencil drawing

I have a small series of 4″ by 5″ mixed media paintings that these two colourful bunnies belong to. The winter bunny was painted in January and the springtime bunny was my spring break project. This little animal series is slowing growing and has a slightly seasonal theme. My next few animals will be spring inspired!

bunny rabbit paintings

My bunny series is probably over for now however I’m sure I will revisit again in the future. I have some other animal themed art to complete and I’m excited to switch up my theme a little.¬† I really like bunny rabbits, they are just so cute! Currently I don’t have the space to have a pet rabbit so I will just have to paint their fuzzy little faces instead.


All of my available bunny art can be found in my Etsy shop!