Garden Illustrations – Butterfly Garden

My garden project is constantly expanding and it is safe to say that I am fully obsessed!monarch butterfly illustration

After looking at bee hives and hummingbird feeders I decided I needed to plant a complimentary butterfly garden to help attract bees and other pollinating creatures into the yard. After doing some research I decided to purchase some small plants. I went to the nursery with a list of attractive flowering plants which I found neatly grouped together and labeled as bee/butterfly friendly. I chose Bee Palm, Black leaved Thrift, Arctic Jacobs Ladder and four flowering Cosmos plants.

These cosmos inspired this sketchbook drawing and painting.

I also bought some echinacea,  4 o’clocks, and wild flower seed packs to plant in pots that I can move around the garden. I planted the echinacea and 4 o’clocks in pots under a grow light and they sprouted in less than a week!

I’m currently keeping most of these plants indoors until we have a few sunny days in a row.

monarch butterfly illustrationI’m hoping that these flowers will attract more bees and butterflies into the yard over the summer. I would like to test out a hummingbird feeder as well when it gets warm in July.

Hopefully I will have some pretty flowers to look at this summer!

flower illustration