Daily Pencil Drawings 66-72

I began this animal themed pencil drawing journey  on July 1, 2016.

This is an update with my most recent animal pencil drawings from the past month!

rabbit pencil drawing

I really am proud of myself for continuing this animal pencil drawing series. In the past I have really struggled to work consistently in the same medium or theme. this has made it difficult for me to create a cohesive series of drawings or paintings. This focused pencil series has been broad enough in subject matter to keep me interested and many of these drawings have now inspired more animal themed paintings.

owl pencil drawing

I started this series in July and I’m hoping to complete my hundredth drawing by the end of June.

One hundred animal pencil drawings in one year sounds like a decent accomplishment.

bunny pencil drawing

I was trying to keep these animals spring inspired so I ended up with a couple of bunnies and some birds. My Etsy Shop is currently filled with bunny art so I will probably take a break from drawing rabbits (at least until next Easter!)

Monkey pencil drawing

In the past I have not really enjoyed drawing flowers and foliage but I really enjoyed this butterfly drawing. I have recently started my own flower garden so I might have to create a series of floral paintings in the future.

Butterfly Pencil Drawing

All of my available animal pencil drawings can be located in my Etsy Shop!

Big thanks to every one who has supported my art journey thus far!

Bird Pencil drawing


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Bird pencil drawing