Humming Bird Art Inspired by Nature

Over the long weekend I took the opportunity to escape the noisy city and relax in the forest at my cabin.  It’s been six long months since my last visit in the fall and it felt really good to be back in that peaceful place. Even with the river in full flood it seemed so quiet!

The days were hot like summer and it was great to see all of the regular animals hanging around.

humming bird drawing

This cabin trip I became particularly enamored with the humming bird activity.

The ruby throated humming bird is considered to be rare in British Columbia although my limited google research suggests that their population has been increasing over the past five years. Each year these tiny birds migrate from Mexico and Central America to northern Canada. Later in the season we see Anna’s and Rufous humming birds as they proceed along their migratory journeys.

This drawing was inspired by my ruby throated visitors and after completing it I decided I pursue a watercolour painting to show off the vibrancy of their feathers.

humming bird painting

This little painting is part of a series of small animal themed paintings.











This acrylic humming bird painting was a bit of an art therapy project. I was feeling a little depressed the day I started it so it definitely has a certain mood behind it. I rarely paint with specific emotions in mind but in this case it was very therapeutic.humming bird painting

After painting this lonesome humming bird over my moody background I felt like the painting needed something more. Later that day a little girl brought a fist full of purple flowers to ballet class to give to me. These little flowers survived the day and made it home to sit in a jar on my desk next to my incomplete painting. I immediately knew what my painting was missing so I painted those flowers into the background.

I love that this painting was partially inspired by a generous six year old.



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