Summer Art Goals and painting update

Each summer I try to create some kind of artist challenge or theme for me to focus on.

Last year I created a series of daily animal pencil drawings. The project had very specific parameters, every day I completed a 5″ by 7″ pencil drawing of a small animal for the duration of the summer. Other years I tackled still life paintings or watercolour portraits as my focused theme.

This year I felt that is was necessary to narrow my subject matter but not the media I’m using. I’m going to create a series of drawings, watercolour and acrylic paintings of animals and their inter-species relationships both real and fantastical. I have been painting mostly solitary animals for the majority of the past year but by creating slightly larger artworks I will have the ‘space’ to explore some new concepts and compositions.

My most recent painting started as one of my daily pencil drawings. This little raccoon is the 62nd animal in my animal pencil drawings series.

raccoon pencil drawing

I started this painting using Winsor & Newton watercolours, adding as much detail as possible before switching to fluid acrylics for the remainder of my painting process. I’ve combined these paint mediums in a few paintings now and like the effect.

This painting is available in my Etsy Shop!


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