Bee Themed Art – Save The Bees Rant

This past weekend I witnessed my cabin neighbor spraying the forest with poison. She was attacking some rogue wild flowers that had popped up on her driveway with Roudup, which is a controversial herbicide. It broke my heart to see our human pollution possibly harming populations of animals living in the ‘wild’ forest and provincial parks.

Why not just weed and pull out the plants that are in the way rather than spraying chemicals on the earth’s ecosystems?

Bumble Bee drawing

While some people have deemed Roundup to be ‘safe’ in relation to other pesticides and poisons used on crops in the past, there are still side effects that have largely been unstudied. There is new evidence showing that it causes cancer and a current lawsuit against Monsanto comprised of 800 people who believe their cancer was caused by the chemicals in Roundup. The active ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate which is used in concentrations diluted enough that it does not kill bumble bees. I does however “affect their learning and nectar homing behaviors,” which doesn’t make Roundup sound very safe to me!

This small incident at my cabin inspired some bumble bee themed art!Bee and flower drawing

This pencil drawing is 9″ by 12″, which is larger than most of my other drawings to date. I am reasonably pleased with how it turned out an may turn it into a series of pollinating themed drawings.

bumble bee painting

This little Bee painting (4″ by 5″) is a mixed media creation using watercolour and acrylic paint. It is part of a series of seasonal, small animal paintings. These Bees are a nice summery addition to the series!











Thanks for reading my bumble bee rant. The world and it’s messed up ways are really frustrating some days.

animal paintings

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