Butterfly Drawing – Quiet Cabin Nights

The journey home from the cabin is increasingly less and less exciting. While driving the winding forest path out of the mountains I am constantly amazed by the natural beauty around me. As those towering trees turn into towers of concrete I feel less enthused by the city life. As beautiful as my city is I still long for the calm quiet of nature. I find myself growing tired of so much sound and light pollution.

butterfly flower drawing

This past weekend we set up a foam mattress and sleeping bags so we could fully appreciate the beauty of the night sky. The night was so quiet. The only sounds we heard was the munching and scampering of a few tiny voles, busy collecting seeds. I crave these quiet moments. I feel like my thoughts are clearer without the city noise and I feel less stressed out.

As I looked up at the billions of stars in the milky way I realized how much I am missing out by living in an artificially lit community. Real darkness and silence are rare when people live so close together.

This yearning to leave the city has turned into a small obsession with nature. This year I became a very serious gardener and have spent many hours learning everything I can about plants. With this new ‘hobby’ I am finding that the focus of my artwork now reflects more of the natural world than it once did.

I’ve never been interested in drawing flowers but gardening seems to have changes my mind.

butterfly pencil drawing

Drawing flowers used to bore me, but like anything they become more exciting when you learn more about them.

This series of drawings illustrates some of the relationships between plants and animals. Bees, butterflies and birds all contribute to the reproductive cycle of plants and the natural cycles of our ecosystems.

butterfly flower pencil drawing

Pollinators II is a 9″ by 12″ pencil drawing.

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