End of Summer Pollination

At the beginning of this summer I set out to create a small series of drawings and paintings focusing on the animals and insects that aid plants in their procreation cycle. These creatures are directly responsible for plant pollihummingbird paintingnation and redistribution of seeds. I started the series with a few small bee and humming bird drawings. I got more ambitious with my pencil drawings and completed two larger pieces which I am really proud of. Next, I completed a watercolour humming bird and then moved on to this larger 12″ by 16″ painting.


I spent a large part of my Summer observing hummingbirds at my cabin. The population of some of the local and migrating hummingbirds (including the rufous hummingbird) has been increasing over the last few years. Our busy feeders are visited by three or four different types of hummingbirds as they pass through at different times of the season. Some hummingbirds migrate between Alaska and California while others spend the winter in Southern BC.

hummingbird acrylic painting

I created this painting in clean, concise layers starting with the background and moving forward. These flowers are modeled after a tropical hibiscus. I was looking for some different flowers with large stamens since bees and pollinators love a nice open flower.

Summer is my favorite season and I’m sad to see it end.

It was a good one filled with an abundant garden, art and relaxing days at the cabin!

This painting is now available in my Etsy shop!