Cabin Plein Air

Waking up on Monday mornings at my cabin is the best way to start the week!

Spending the day in my favorite place with my favorite person makes life way more exciting. Getting away from the city and it’s pollution has become essential to my personal well being. Over the past few years I have begun to crave the natural ‘silence’ of the forest.

plein air painting

I love watching the seasonal change in the forest as the leaves become brighter and more radiant every day. It’s one last visual celebration before everything dies back for winter. This season has inspired many paintings but this year I began to play with some plein air painting.

This 8″ by 10″ painting was inspired by the onset of autumn and it’s vibrant colour pallet. It was a cool day so I painted this painting from my comfy spot on the couch in front of the fireplace. We have nice big windows to watch the wild life from so it was almost as good as sitting outside. I added the deer in later to keep this painting on theme with the rest of my animal paintings. We occasionally have a deer prance through the yard but I was not lucky enough to have one pose for me this time. 😉Acrylic forest deer painting

I really enjoyed the process of creating this painting. It felt free and spontaneous compared to some of my other overly planned paintings. I started the painting around noon and I managed to almost complete the it by the end of the day.

Summer is my favorite season but Autumn has the best colour pallet. I’m excited to soak up the beauty of this season so I can incorporate it into my artwork.

This cabin inspired painting is listed in my Etsy shop with my other drawings and paintings.