Autumn Deer Painting

This Autumn Deer painting will be my final “fall themed piece this year. Taking the time to enjoy nature and relax at my cabin this season inspired the colour pallet I have been using in my recent paintings. Finding more time to be inspired by nature has made me feel a stronger connection to my artwork and why I create it.

I’ve always loved the colours of Autumn but this year I have been really obsessed!

I filmed the whole painting process to create this speedy painting video.

It added up to about 7 hours of painting time that I condensed into about three and a half minutes. I’m not sure if seven hours of painting seems like a long time or not…especially considering I worked on this painting for almost a month.

I started this painting in October over Thanksgiving (Canadian) weekend. We were closing up the cabin for the season so I wanted to squeeze one more Autumn inspired painting into my series. It was a cool and slightly frosty day outside so I sat in front of the fireplace and used the trees across the river as my reference and inspiration. As the first tiny snowflakes began to fall it became apparent that it was nearing the end of the autumn season in the cascade mountains.

It was a beautiful, Crisp Autumn Day.

On the drive home I took lots of fall reference photos so I could continue to be inspired as I completed the painting at home. I am really pleased with how this painting turned out.


This painting is for sale in my Etsy shop!